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High School Scholarship Application

You must be a graduating senior and a full-time dependent of a Tanner Electric Cooperative Member to be eligible.

Application must be received by April 1, 2017.

Student Information
*Full Name:
*Date Of Birth :    (MM/DD/YYYY)
*Street Address:
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*Telephone Number:
*Email address:
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School Information (includes Home School or Private School)
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*Name of High School Principal or Home School Advisor:
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Work Experience
Describe your work experience during the past four years. Indicate dates of employment in each job and approximate number of hours worked each week.
Financial Considerations
Please describe how you plan to finance your education.
OPTIONAL Personal Statement
Are there any personal or family circumstances, challenges, or situations that you feel warrant attention?
Student Essay
Briefly describe how your personal participation in high school scholastic and extracurricular programs have benefited your life.
School Citizenship
List all important school activities in which you have participated during the past four years (e.g. special programs, clubs, teams, student government, etc.), and include the number of years you participated in each. List all special awards, honors, and recognition related to school.
Contribution to Community
List all community activities in which you have participated without pay during the past four years, and include the number of years you participated in each. Indicate special significance.

Future Plans
*Which school are you planning to attend next year?:
Please select the type of school:
 Four-Year College/University
 Community College
 Technical College
*Major field of study applicant plans to pursue:

Make a statement of your plans as they relate to your future educational and career goals:
Attach a copy of your most recent transcript that includes your cumulative grade point average.


Attach two (2) letters of recommendation. They cannot be from a family member.

*Letter #1:
*Letter #2:

I certify that by signing this application, this is my dependent child, and I am a member of Tanner Electric Cooperative. All scholarship entries are confidential and will only be viewed by the Tanner Electric Board of Director's selection committee. Applications will not be considered unless the above requirements are complete and received by APRIL 1, 2017 in the office Tanner Electric Cooperative, P.O. Box 1426 North Bend, WA 98045. Other than payment of the scholarships, Tanner Electric Cooperative assumes no obligations or liabilities.

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