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Prepaid Metering Application

Before completing this form please read and review the TEC Prepaid Metering Policy.

The undersigned (hereinafter called the ""Member"") hereby applies for participation in Tanner Electric Cooperative's Prepaid Metering Program (""Program""), and agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. The Member acknowledges that in addition to this Supplemental Contract, the following documents, as they may exist from time to time, shall also apply to and govern the terms of the Member's electric service from Tanner Electric Cooperative ("TEC"): (i) the Member's Application For TEC Membership and TEC's Membership Agreement, (ii) TEC's Articles of Incorporation (iii) TEC's Bylaws, (iv) all of TEC's Service Policies, including the attached Prepaid Metering Policy, (v) this Supplemental Contract, (vi) any other applicable resolution, rule, practice or policy that may be adopted in the future. All the forgoing documents, as they may exist from time to time, shall be binding upon both parties and shall be referred to herein as the ""Governing Documents.""

2. The Member shall pay any membership, transfer, connect and/or applicable fees as specified in the Governing Documents.

3. The Member shall be responsible for regular monitoring of the balance on the Program account and understands that electric service may be turned off immediately (including on weekends and holidays) without written notification once the balance on the account is less than zero ($0.00).

4. The Member acknowledges that electric service can be restored automatically and immediately upon a payment being made. The Member must ensure that all electric appliances are turned off, and the electric system is safe to be re-energized, prior to the Member making a payment while service is disconnected. By signing below, the Member accepts full responsibility for, and agrees to hold Tanner Electric harmless for, any and all damages arising from the re-energizing of the Member's electric service upon the deposit of a payment.

5. If electric service remains disconnected for a period of seven (7) days or more, the Member's membership in Tanner Electric will be deemed inactive and the Member will receive a final bill. Tanner Electric may elect to terminate Member's membership if all amounts due to Tanner are not paid and service restored within 90 days. After termination, Member will no longer enjoy the rights of membership, and reinstating electric service will require completion of a new membership application, payment of a new membership fee and compliance with such other terms of service as may then apply.

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By checking this box, I agree to the Prepaid Metering Policy Terms and Conditions as set forth above by Tanner Electric Cooperative, and I am authenticating my electronic signature and my identity as the person(s) named above.

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