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New Construction Or Altered Service Application

A $240 non-refundable construction estimate fee is due at the time you submit your application. Once it is paid we will contact you to schedule the estimate appointment. This fee will be applied toward the cost of construction should you choose to follow through with your new service.

After this form is submitted, you will also need to complete our Residential Easement Form and our online Membership form. Links to these forms are available below and will also be available after this form is submitted.

Click this link to view and print the Residential Easement form, then complete it and deliver the signed form to the address in the form.

Click this link to complete the online Membership Agreement.

Account Information
*Type of service: New Construction Altered Service
*TEC Member?: Yes No
If yes, please enter your account number:
*Are you an Owner/Builder?: Yes No
If yes, please refer to the Tanner Facility Installation Specifications.

Is this a residential or commercial account?
*Residential or commercial?:
What type of building? (please be specific)
*Building type:
*How many square feet?:
*Do you have a well pump?: Yes No
Do you have an outbuilding with power?
*Outbuilding?: Yes No
If yes, how many square feet?:
Applicant Information
*Full Name:
Joint Applicant:
*Email Address:
Enter the email address again for accuracy.
*Email Address:
*Social Security Number:
*Driver's License #:
*Driver's License State:
*Date of Birth:    (MM/DD/YYYY)
*Primary Phone:
Work Phone:
*Mailing Address:
*Zip Code:
*Nearest known power:
Physical (911 or Street) Address of New Service
Physical Address is same as Mailing
*Zip Code:
Associated Personnel
Electrical Contractor:
Electrical Contractor Phone:
Trenching Contractor:
Trenching Contractor Phone:
Applicant's Representative:
Representative Phone:
By checking this box the owner hereby authorizes the above representative to act on owner's behalf.
The following information is needed so that we may properly size the equipment that we install to serve you. For an altered service list the information for the added load.

*Heat Source:
If "Other" please describe:
*Type of Electric Heat:
If "Other" please describe:
Kitchen Oven/Burner:
Clothes Dryer:
Water Heater:
*# of Water Heaters:
*Electrical Service:
Misc Loads:
Hot Tub Sauna Pool Kiln Welder Yard Light Other
If "Other" please describe:
Tax and Legal Information
*Tax Parcel Number(s):
Legal Owner(s) as shown on deed and/or Signators Name(s) and Title(s) if ownership is under an LLC, Trust, or Corporation:
*Legal Owner(s):
Trust or Corporation:
Full Legal Description:

ATTACH FULL LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF ALL INVOLVED PROPERTIES (This can be found on your most recent title report, the County Assessor's website, or at your local title company.)

Site Plan:
Multi-occupant, Commercial and/or 3-Phase Service
How many units will you be providing electrical service to?
How many units?:
Square footage of each unit?:
Service entrance size for each metered unit (AMP):

Describe the project in detail:
Attach the plat drawings that were sent in for approval to the regulating agency:

Plat Drawings:

Submit electrician-provided load calculations:

Load Calculations:

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