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EV Charger Incentive Application

Qualifications and Steps to Redeem:
1. Be a TEC member that owns and receives electrical service at the dwelling in which the equipment will be installed.
2. Purchase and install a residential Level 2 (240-volt) smart charging station for your all-electric vehicle. Plug-in hybrid vehicles that use a Level II (240-volt) charger are eligible.
3. Set the charging delay to a time determined by TEC (such as 10 p.m.).
4. Allow TEC to perform final inspection.
5. Following final site inspection and approval of the paper work, TEC shall process an incentive payment of $250 to you, the member.

Member Information (Where equipment will be installed)
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Please indicate the name of the contractor or company that installed the charging unit.
Installation Contractor/Company:
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By checking this box, I acknowledge that the product(s) described above have been purchased and installed at the location indicated. I understand that TEC provides the rebate incentives for measures that are designed to save energy but I acknowledge that estimated energy savings are not guaranteed and I understand that TEC has made no express warranties or representations with regard to these products or their installation. I acknowledge that I am responsible for meeting applicable code requirements, determining the adequacy of installation, and paying all amounts owed to contractors/ suppliers. Further, I understand that this is a tariffed service and subject to change or termination without prior notice. TEC reserves the right to inspect any installation prior to rebate approval and/or after rebate payment and I agree to provide TEC reasonable access for such purposes. I authorize TEC to release my customer account information, including my billing and energy usage information, to an independent, third-party evaluator solely for the purposes of evaluating this rebate program, confirming energy savings and for other quality assurance purposes. The disclosure of your private information will comply with TEC’s privacy policy and state regulation.

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